January 31st, 2008

The Boys
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Back to school!

Yeah I'm nuts, I actually put a backpack on Banjo when he goes to puppy preschool, it makes him look all official like the little kid going off to school.

It holds his treats so I have to remove the backpack when we get to class since all the other dogs jump all over his back trying to get the treats. He's the only boy in the class so I think he likes all the attention from the ladies. He's also the smallest and only short coated dog so he's the only one that waltzes in with a fashion show every class. So much for being the rough tough boy. I'll put him in a skull and crossbone sweater next week to give him his tough boy edge back.

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heres the latest pic of bella and her ONE standing ear.
i feel like a nerd for getting so excited about her ears standing.

oh and heres a silent video [ i had my camera on mute on accident HAH] of bella and her new play mate 'killer'...
he lives next door.
hes a chihuahua mix and just a few months older than her!

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also, we are moving to columbus at the end of march.
any boston buddies out that way ?!?!
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Hi guys!

Bruiser just got home from his neutering a few hours ago. He is taking it kind of rough and is very whimpery and disoriented, but he is well.

Warm wishes his way please...and his daddy's. His daddy is VERY upset that his son lost his "manhood" today. Hahaha.
beware of dog

lainie and scruffi

The dog (who is a wire-haired terrier, not a yorkie like Mom had said) is home now, and my house is like a zoo! I don't see how you guys with multiple dogs do it! (And if you want to give me any tips, I'd be more than happy to hear them.)

She escapes every time we open the door. Today I had to chase her down the road in my t-shirt and boxers. BUT, anyway, back to my Boston...

Lainie doesn't seem to adapt well to change. She stopped eating after Pepper died, and now that Scruffi's joined the family, she's stopped eating again.

Lainie won't eat for days, then she'll eat, but she's not happy about it. I don't know what to do. I have to put her in another room or on the kitchen counter so Scruffi doesn't get her food.

On the plus side, they don't fight constantly like I thought they would. They even started playing with each other after a couple of days.

Here are two pictures. I couldn't get one of them together because they WON'T! HOLD! STILL!

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