February 4th, 2008

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bad news everyone :(

remember scoot?


January 31, 2008 -- We are devastated to inform you that precious little Scoot passed away last night.

He was romping, playing with his toys, and having fun, and he suddenly fell over, as if having a seizure. He was rushed to the emergency clinic in Fort Myers, where they worked on him and determined that he had some type of blockage clogging the arteries supplying his brain. His liver levels were also very high, and they could have caused a stroke. No one knows what caused his collapse.

This poor baby went through so much in his short life. Thank you for loving him so much. He had so many supporters and so many who truly cared about his well-being.

He's surely running and playing and has no more health problems or leg deformities now, and we know that we'll see him again one day. Thank you again for loving him so very much.

boston terrier cute

6 months- update

well it has been 6 months since my Lulu Belle passed away. I can't believe it. It seems like she was here beating up Hog only yesterday... I miss her everyday still.. I think about her all day long.. still make up and sing songs about her (i rhyme weird songs about my animals ex: "he's a hoagerman yea yea, he's from Japan! yea yea he's a hoagerman... and on and on lol)

On december 26th I got my Lulu tattoo.

The rest of the pics are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/honeybeeg/sets/72157603556004075/ if anyone is interested.

Hogwarts is doing great. He has his two lab brothers but I know he thinks about Lulu.. sometimes they will stare at something for so long.. and it's the weirdest thing ever because nothing is there and the look on their face is so just odd.. i think they see her or feel her prescence or something.

Our black lab Onyx went into the dog room one day and just stared at her urn.. for 10 minutes just sat so still and stared... i wonder...

I dream about her constantly and the dreams are sooooooooooooooooooooo real. I can touch her and feel her fur and it feels exactly how i remember it... it's like she comes and visits me when i sleep. I have had a few bad dreams about her. Where I have to put her to sleep all over again but mostly they are very happy.

We just moved into a fabulous new apartment. I have never owned plants in my life and have always been against them. We decided to try out plants.. haha

Every plant we buy is a "Lulu Plant." It reminds us of Lulu or we don't get it. Here is Hogwarts today with our Lulu Flowers

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sorry that was so long and with so many pics! it's been awhile

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