February 8th, 2008

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Dog Seat Belts

I've got a convertible so when winter is over with I'd like to let Banjo really experience the wind in his ears effect. Naturally I don't think this is a wise idea without restraints for him.

Anyone know if there are a variety of dog seat belts and if one type is better then the other? And any chance someone has comparison shopped in the various pet stores to know who carries the better deals?

And since I'm here...you'll find this humorous. I went to the dog park yesterday and my whopping 12 pound 5 month old decided a 150 pound great dane would be his buddy for the day. It was absolutely hysterical watching him chase the dog around. Puppy preschool is going well. Last night in the heat of playtime he actually did drop a roll of toilet paper he stole when I shouted the drop it command. I gave him a treat for dropping when told but it felt weird like I was rewarding the bad behavior of stealing toilet paper. Right now our issue is that he knows sit, stay and lay down merit treats so whenever we eat he'll start doing all the tricks he knows in hopes of scoring people food. Our instructor has suggested putting him on a leash a few feet from the dinner table when we eat so we'll see how that goes. I have to admit to bad owner behavior for letting him stand right under the table.

Edit - if anyone was following this for advice for their dogs...I scoped a pet boutique, PetSmart, Petco and Petland. For harnesses Petland was the cheapest (but small selection). Petco and PetSmart were about equal in price and selection. The harness is worn like a normal one and simply clicks in to the seatbelt. All carried harnesses but ony the boutique and PetSmart carried car seats. I ended up with this one from PetSmart and it works just fine. On the box it shows two color options but sadly PetSmart only offers it in gray (black interior in my car) so don't bother driving to multiple PetSmarts in your area.

puppies from my 1st, 2nd and 3rd litter: then and now

I find it ironic that the "different" looking boston from my second litter 'Domino' and the "different" looking boston from my third litter 'Pirate' both went to the same loving home. They share mothers, but have a different father as we all know my beautiful Ninja fathered Pirate and a champion stud dog fathered Domino. They were both the unique puppies out of my 2nd and third litter. Well they are all grown up now and are best of friends. Pirate is big like his papa and Domino is smaller like her mama. Aren't they adorable?
Do you remember how cute they were?
beware lots of pics under the cut...

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The family that bought Apophis, from my very first litter also got a 2nd puppy from me from my third litter, they named her Vahla and she is all grown up and adorable as well. Vahla and Apophis get along fantastic and even have a new little human baby brother.
I just love seeing pictures of my puppies all grown up.
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I also had a puppy named 'Cash' from my 3rd litter, his family is waiting to get a 2nd puppy from me when I have my next litter.

I love seeing my puppies all grown up and in such fantastic homes.

Open your hearts and your homes...

As a boston terrier community member, I know alot of you have bostons you bought from breeders (or god forbid, pet stores)--but as lovers of this wonderful breed, I will encourage you to one day grace your homes with the love and joy that is a homeless Boston, especially one with impairments and deformities.  As much as you love your perfect boston, you won't believe the love that is a homeless animal.  It is truly unmatched.
This is Bentley.
"Bentley is a very friendly boy.He came from a puppy mill in in Ohio.He is around 2-4 years old.When he was born his mother had to have a C-section. She was in so much pain from it, she turned on one of her baby's and attacked Bentley.  He almost died.  He has one eye and one ear that is missing.The Vet sewed up the eye and ear and he doesn't even know that there is anything wrong.He is so full of life and he loves to play with my grandaughters. ."

He's a purebred and he's homeless.  There are hundreds of others--those I like to focus on are the special ones.  The ones who were turned into the pound for nothing for than being deaf or blind.  A small impairment, nothing life threating or expensive.  Yet, people deemed them unlovable.
There is a purebred 7 week old boston puppy at a Texas rescue because she is deaf.  What a minor inconvenience?  But everyday, dogs with disabilities get left behind.
There are over 75 special needs boston's on Petfinder.com.  That's 75 too many.  Next time you think about breeding your boston, or buying another, look to one of these special babies.
I'm not bashing breeders because I know there are good ones here, what I'm saying is that everyone owes it to the breed to save the life of a boston with such small needs at some point in their life.  I promise that if you've never experienced the love of a homeless animal, you'll never believe they were given up in the first place.

In addition to special needs, their are 951 homeless boston terriers nationwide.  Atleast a quarter are likely purebred.

I just want this to be a public service announcement.  i just want everyone to consider a homeless or special needs boston as their NEXT boston.  I in know way mean to guilt or bash anybody.  I just want to open the eyes of those that do not realize these dogs exist.  They deserve the same loving homes their brothers and sisters got.  They just got unlucky...

Thanks for letting me share...