February 20th, 2008


Anyone else out there have a dog with a penchant for carpet?

Maybe I'm just buying the wrong toys. But there is nothing Gambit loves more than taking the end of carpet, the corner, any loose strings, and PULLLLING it apart until my carpet is a mass of fibres. And then eating the carpet, and then coming to find me and then vomiting said carpet.

It's gotten to the point when I have to section him off from parts of the house. I thought he'd outgrown it since he hasn't had access to carpet but I bought a new accent rug for the guest room and guess who ate it all up when I was downstairs getting his lunch ready!!

And it's not something he does when left alone - he'll do it even if he knows I'm in the other room or a floor away. He's not doing it for attention because often I'll call out for him to come play and he'll just stay on the carpet, chewing away. And he certainly has lots of toys.

Is this a trend with other pups? He was never a wood chewer beyond four or five months, he doesn't destroy my toys or my clothes or my shoes, but he sure loves carpet.

Anyone else notice anything like this with their babies? I've tried spraying the corners of rugs with bitter apple but he just eats 'em anyway. I think he LIKES the taste :(
Mr. Pickles


my little man Sammy has been living with my parents for a while (he now is from a broken home) and I miss him so much, he is far away. I just found this pic of him. It's too cute!