March 4th, 2008

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i went to visit my friend amberly in columbus over the weekend.
she has two boxers !
i took bella with me so she could meet everyone....

at first she thought they were gonna eat her !
but after about 30 minutes she played with them a bit...
while never leaving the couch !

anyone else have a dog who has a fear of larger dogs ???
thats the only time she gets REALLY nervous.
shes fine with our neighbors dogs [jack russel, smaller boxer mix, and a basset hound].

here are a few pictures !!

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 Hi everyone! Just a quick question:

I've done a little reading on boston terriers, and have pretty much learned that they are an energetic breed. My question is, HOW energetic, exactly, are they? I realise they probably have their ups and downs...but would their overall excitability (haha don't know if that's a word...) be comparable to say...a Jack Russel Terrier (they never stop freaking out, basically, if you've never come in contact with one)...or are they relatively calm?