March 11th, 2008



This is Dizzy,six,and Tony's mom.Here is Dizzy gettingt her ass handed to her by a baby six.

As you can see, they have since made up:

And last but not least,Tony:

Very Sad News

I have very sad news for the community. Zelda passed on yesterday. I am devastated. :(

It all started two weeks ago with what seemed like a skin rash, but turned out to be so much more. We think it may have been cancer, it spread hard and fast and her poor little immune system was just obliterated. Our vet was stumped, and she's been doing this 30+ years. I simply do not have the energy or inclination to share all the gory details, but it was a terrible experience that I would not wish on any dog parent. I have been dehydrating myself with the amount of tears I've shed. She was suffering, in a very bad way, and mercy was to let her go to sleep. It was an awful decision to have to make. She was my daughter for all intents and purposes and I love her so very, very much. She kissed me gently on the nose right before the drugs took hold. She said goodbye.

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Loki is not sure what to do without her, but he is trying to be brave and is overjoyed when we arrive home. He and I have been doing lots of snuggling and my fiance George has been giving him lots of extra attention too. We bought him a new bed, blankie, and rope toy yesterday and he thinks he won the lottery, he just loves laying in it. So I'm glad to know he's at least very comfortable while he's home alone all day now.

Zelda just turned eight last Tuesday, 4 March.

My poor darling Zelda Loo. I love you forever.
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Kissing Eiffel Tower

A weird question

Hello everyone. I hope your day is going great so far. Well, I came home to find my Violet a little puffy. It looks like under her right eye she might have a pimple or stye...does anyone know if dogs get those? And then she has two small bumps, a little bit smaller than the size of a dime. They are on both sides of her nostrils at about the same spot....I'm so scared something is wrong with her (after what we went through in February but also because when I was 6, my mom's dog had a cancerous tumor in his nose that inhibited his breathing and would bleed). I have an appt. with the vet if it doesn't go down since I just gave her some Benadryl because normally when she breaks out it's all around her eyes (like if she has an issue with the summer grass). I'm putting some pictures behind the cut to show what I'm talking about. If anyone has any thoughts or advice it is greatly appreciated! :-\

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Ninja Kobe! Doggy Model?

I used to work for a company called PetPlan Insurance. They have now switched names to PetSecure and because of this they did a brand new campaign and Ninja and Amelie were used in photoshoots for the campaign. Unfortunately, right before the photographer came Amelie scratched her eyeball with one of her toys and was squinting the entire shoot so they didn’t get to use her, but Ninja had lots of good photos, he is now on their website and looks like the cutest Alien ever. They are going to give me a photo album full of the professional photos of Ninja and Amelie and I can’t wait to have professional photos of them. They did the photo shoot in people’s houses because they wanted it to be as personal as possible so people could relate to it. This is Ninja on his bed. We call it his “king” bed.

ninja the doggy model

As soon as I get the album of professional photos I will make sure to post them all, so you can see recent pics of Amelie and Ninja.

Here is the link to the Pet insurance company
Kissing Eiffel Tower


Well, Violet is fine. The vet said that the bumps might have been a little "trauma" from her trying to get down into her kong because she looks completely fine. The bumps had gotten softer after she had had her benadryl but I of course freak out. Her eye is fine...if it turns into a stye then it'll go away, but it looked like it had gone down after her benadryl as well. I have to give her another pill tonight but she looks fine. Thanks to everyone that commented to my previous post. The seizure she had last month still has me a little shaken up still so I'm afraid if she has a hair out of place that means something is wrong with her. :-\

Here's 2 pictures to make everyone smile :-)

Ms. Violet at Momma's Nail Spa

Ms. Violet from KISS

Thank you again!
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