March 20th, 2008


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Hi everyone -

One of my long-time internet buds who adopted a boston a while ago unfortunately has to get rid of him due to some unfortunate life events and being in between homes.

Costello is a handsome 2-year-old male in Dallas, TX. From what I've heard, he has extremely sensitive skin...He was covered in fleas and had bald spots when my friend started caring for him. She has informed me that it is trying to grow back, but he seems like a stressed pup and has a tendency to pull it out. She thinks he was beaten previously to coming into her life, hence the stress and sensitivity to loud noises. She says he's great at going potty outside, but still has some accidents from time to time.

Nicci is looking for a good home for Costello, or even a foster home until she gets situated. She is temporarily living with her father (who has several cats....which Costello wants to play roughly with!!!) and he is living with her ex, who wants poor little Costello gone soon. She loves this dog quite a bit, so she wants what is in his best interest....a new home or a temporary home until he is situated.

So please!!! If you're near Dallas, or if you know any bostie lover in the area, please let them know to help these two out!!

Please email Nicci at cassettexbeat [at] yahoo [dot] com

Thanks guys!!

(sorry for no photos, but he's a handsome little man!! If I were in TX, I wouldn't have to make this post, but I'm in AZ!!)

Monty !!

He was relaxing last night on his baseball bed - ever since cousin Stella had introduced him to the baseball bed he's all about it.

Monty Relaxo

That's his "what the hell type of sound is that daddy?" look :)

  • asavas

lucky dog

I was sick and stayed home from work yesterday. Geech was quite pleased to have a warm body to snuggle with all day. Even when I got out of bed to take more cold pills, he was very satisfied to hog all the blankets. You'd be smiling too if you were sleeping under EVERY BLANKET ON THE BED!