March 22nd, 2008

The Boys
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First Days Of Spring Celebration

I don't know how the weather is everywhere else but in Atlanta it's been great.

Yesterday we ran errands with the top down in the car. We went to the vet for a weight check in. Banjo is now 15 pounds (he'll be 7 months April 7). Then we went to the dog park where he managed to out-play all the other dogs. And then we went to an outdoor dog friendly cafe where he got a bowl of water and biscuits and napped.

He's adjusting but still not sure how he feels about his car seat. He does do better when he's tired after playing at the dog park.

And then his daddy bought him a treat since he loves water so much. After nap time he woke up to discover his backyard now has his own pool.

I grealy appreciate this. He got filfty at the dog park and he's been staying out of my way while I clean out the pantry.
Dexter- laugh


Hey yall! I have been watching this community for a long time- thoroughly enjoyed looking at the pictures and hearing the stories about your precious pooches... well now it is my turn! My boyfriend and I finally got us a dog! She is 7 weeks old and after many many suggestions and ideas we finally agreed on the name Alabama (I got the idea from one of our mutual favorite movies, True Romance). Today was our second day with her... she is so sweet and quite the little sleeper. We enjoyed a very lazy day today of playing hard for about 30 minutes and then napping for two hours or so (then repeat over and over! haha).

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