March 27th, 2008

Niku says "RAR!"

Wigging Out

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Hello everybody. I've been lurking here for a few months in hopes that some day I could post and also be the proud owner of a boston. Well it hasn't happened yet, but I pick up my new baby two weeks from today. Isn't she cute.

A dogs life

Diz and 6! Poor dizzy has a ruptured ear drum :( The vet gave 3 weeks worth of pills...hopefully thatll heal her or else it could be something awful :(  There is NOWAY i can cope w outliving this dog.......

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does anyone here live in or near benton harbor, michigan and want to do me a big favor?

i am extremely interested in adopting elmo, the boston on page 6 (at the time i am writing this). as you probably noticed, he's a special needs guy... his front legs are deformed. i was told that a rescue was supposed to pick him up on monday (i dont know which one) yet he is still showing up on that website for me, so i dont know if he was adopted or not. unfortunately i live in california, so that makes it a little difficult for me to check up on him... and i cant, for the life of me, make phone calls due to an irrational fear that makes no sense. so thats where you (resident of the surriounding area of benton harbor michigan... or person not afraid to make phone calls) step in.

i dont know how i could possibly make this work, but i want it to happen. SO bad. please send him to me?