March 29th, 2008

Kissing Eiffel Tower

Grrrr >:-l

So there is a boston that lives down my street and we always talk to the owner about him and Violet I get home from work and my fiance and I see the boston coming down the street on his walk. So I start talking to the owner and my fiance goes in to get our baby. She comes out all excited to see him and gently sniffs the other dog that was with the woman. Her boston flies at Violet and grabs ahold of her throat!!! I felt all the blood rush to my head and I honestly envisioned blood flying everywhere because that is just what Violet needed after all she's been through so far this year. So she's barking at the boston and the woman just stands there. My finance was trying to grab her and picked her up and the whole time the woman wasn't trying to get her boston back from biting her....WTF?!? He was trying to like nip at her feet too! While this was going the big dog, which was a boxer, just sat there hanging out...I mean, the boston seemed to have gotten easily aggressive and if he thought maybe Violet was going to hurt the other dog I can understand his reaction, but damnit woman don't just stand there while your dog bites my baby!! Then when my fiance took Violet inside to check out her neck (which was perfectly fine just a little wet from dog slobber) the woman goes, "Oh he can be slightly protective."

::slapping palm to forehead::

I'm just happy she's perfectly fine...she doesn't even really seemed bothered which is good....just tired from her walk earlier.

Sorry I just needed to vent.

EDIT: 11:31pm....well, we just took another look at Violet's throat and there is a small sorta looks like it might be from her collar maybe if Jerry (my manfriend) pulled her back quickly out of reaction of the dog biting her but she's playing around and acting b/c of her heart we just have to start her up on her dose of Antibiotics for the next 10 my dog going to get a break this year Mr. puppy God?
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I know you guys already see this every day with your bostons but with Banjo growing rapidly he's now starting to show his classic boston smile more often =)

Nothing makes me happier then seeing him run around with his smile. He has started a very naughty habit of laying down when I put his leash on at the dog park as if to say I don't want to leave. He does it on walks too whenever we pass people. He has to stop and say hello to everyone.