April 12th, 2008

me & Steve

Coco with a new collar and some blue bonnets

My lil' girl is only a month shy from her 1st birthday, but she needed a new collar--she was 6 lbs when we got her at 3 months and now some 20+lb later, she still had the same collar so it was time to upgrade. I got her a pink leather studded collar to match her badass attitude :o) We also took a stroll at a park near our house and there was a field of blue bonnets so I couldnt resist!

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Amelie and Ninja Update.

So its been awhile since I updated on my pooches. Anyway, its april, spring is finally here in winnipeg, and its great. And because spring is finally here I got to take my dogs out for the first time in quite some time as its been too cold to take them outside at all. They were thrilled.

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My friend Jac got a brand new boston terrier puppy from Arkansas, her name is Roxy. She brought her over for a playdate with amelie and ninja. Here is a video of them being little Boston TERRORS. At the end you will see Ninja pinning Roxy down, but don't worry, she was totally fine. She played pretty well with my two bostons actually, and held her own very well.
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Roxy playing with Amelie and Ninja

Amelie and Roxy