April 30th, 2008



Hi guys!

Wilbur is almost 3 and is becoming more difficult to walk. He is skittish and rolls back onto his back legs and bows, like Boston yoga.... and presses his tummy to the ground. He does it when he wants to stay and sniff something or heavens to betsy you get to close to him while walking.

I wondered if the Puppia harness was contributing to it all since it connects on his back? I dunno.
Does anyone else have this problem... it just took me 40 minutes to walk 2 blocks because he just won't walk. And that's just ridiculous!

Here's a picture of his latest "bury the bone" adventure in the backyard...little stinker!

Kissing Eiffel Tower

Ssshh!! It's a surprise! :-)

Well, Violet turns 4 YEARS OLD TOMORROW! Wow, I can't believe it's been 4 years already and I just pray that things keep going the way they are not and that there are no more health problems...that she grows to be a ripe old age with no hip issues and dies peacefully in her sleep. :-) I pray. But, knock on wood, no more seizures and we want to keep it that way...and we don't want any stress to cause her to have another one. Again, I want to thank everyone in this community for everything. I look at pictures and just general posts and I honestly feel like we're a big Boston Family :-P And It's great to know I can be understood here because we all know no everyone in this world are dog/pet lovers like us. But thank you for always being there for me when I post a spastic question or whatnot. :-)

NOW! On to the secret surprise for tomorrow...well, somewhat secret. :-)

I took a trip to Moochie & Co. right after my 9 hour shift that was supposed to be 7, and Jerry waited for 2 hours for me to go pick out Violet's Birthday cake. But on the right in her "Indestructible" toy with a squeaker and no stuffing - if it rips they will give you a replacement but it's a durable fabric! YAY! And then her birthday cake (which we will give small pieces so no runs after :-P ) and then I got the two dogs some treats for the rest of the month. I got a Sunshine (which already had two rays broken off since they obviously knew I had something! And then a butterfly and a cupcake! :-)

I'll post pictures tomorrow of her since she honestly loves opening presents lol

Hope everyone has a great night!
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Welcome Home Rosco

Rosco came home tonight. I first introduced him here
He's an adorable chubster. Shortly after getting home he had a little drink of water and then ate a bowl of food like a fat man in a buffet! He loved it! And then.... well.... the pictures tell the rest of the story...
Rosco's 1st Night

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