May 7th, 2008

Rescue Question

For those of you with experience with rescues I have a couple of questions.  I found a Boston on petfinder that I like.  The rescue application is reasonable (unlike a lot of them), but I am concerned I'll be turned just a couple of questions.

First it asks for employer.  I will graduate law school in a little over a week so I'm currently unemployed.  How negatively is that usually looked upon?  I mean seriously I can afford to take care of the dog (just ask the pampered pooch Albus), but on paper it looks bad I'm sure. 

Second, I'm moving in two weeks.  I'm moving in with my mother (at least for 3 months).  She's been searching for another Boston for me too so clearly getting another dog won't be a problem for her.

Weird thing is that I was in a transition point like this when I got Albus.  I was moving jobs, I moved residences about 2 weeks after I got him, and everything was kinda up in the air.  Of course, buying a puppy is sooo much easier than doing the rescue thing.