May 8th, 2008


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Rose McGowan has more important things to think about these days than the possibility of the actors' strike. Like a sick dog.

Fester, one of her two Boston terriers, has a brain tumor. “He’s 11 years old, but five weeks ago he was jumping in the air,” McGowan told me at today’s MaxMara and Women in Film luncheon honoring Ginnifer Goodwin at the Sunset Tower Hotel. “I’ll get to spend more time with him [if the strike occurs]. For now, we all have to say a prayer for Fester.”

poor baby :( and i had no idea she had not 1 but 2 bostons!

Hilarity Hairstyle

Up here in "The Great White North" one of the cell phone companies is "Fido".

They, obviously, use dogs for a lot of their promotional material.

Their most recent promotion is "Let's Rock!" "Let's Dine!" etc. with respect to their 3G service for mobile browsing.

What they've been doing is placing (via image manipulation tools) some wacky hairstyles on the dogs. I've driven by some bus shelters that had the ads and thought they were cute but I howled when I saw the Boston and Pug hairstyles..