May 16th, 2008


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there are lots of boston puppies on petfinder right now...

west virginia
might not be a legit rescue. do your research!

kentucky (these are boston terrier/english bulldog mix puppies! i got that bit of info from someone who is going to adopt one of them.)


edit: to anyone reading this that is interested in adopting a dog vs buying one, you should always research rescues just like you should research breeders. don't just assume that all rescues are legit!

for starters, check that they are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. second, look at the types of dogs they have in rescue... are they all puppies or young healthy dogs? no "special needs" dogs, no seniors? the majority of legit rescues are in debt because they take in all types of dogs regardless of their age or condition. if they are sick or injured, they get them all fixed up and healthy, yet they still charge a low adoption fee for these dogs that may have cost them thousands of dollars. they might charge more for any young healthy dogs that come in just to offset the cost of the dogs that racked up a higher vet bill, but that doesn't mean the rescue is bad. for example, i am currently looking into adopting a 4 year old BT mix that needs surgery for luxating patellas and the rescue will be paying for it... her adoption fee is only $250, even though the surgery is going to cost about $3,000. the same rescue had a puppy for adoption at one point and the adoption fee was $500. there's nothing wrong with that! just do your research.