May 18th, 2008

New puppy pics

The breeder told me today that 2 of the puppies have been chosen, leaving two left. One is going to another breeder and the last one is ours. So of these two, one will be our little princess.

I have been getting a lot of gripe about naming the dog "Daisy" from friends and family, which bugs me because I think it's a lovely name. But now my husband is second guessing so we may not have a fixed name yet, anyhow.

ANYWAY, these are the pics of the two girls left and I'm secretly pleased because one of them is the one I really really loved. BUT then again, I still have a 50% chance of not getting her, so we'll see. She's smaller than the other one so maybe the other breeder won't choose her, but I don't want to get worked up if I don't get her and I know the other one is also super cute.

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