May 25th, 2008


She's here! She's so small! 4.1 pounds. She is a little nibbler and a nipper, but she's also very quiet and sweet. She hasn't gone in the house yet and we are on day two. She figured out right away what the backyard was for and I'm not giving her the chance to figure out otherwise. I guess it helps that she can smell Gambit has pottied out there already.
Gambit is over the moon about her. As soon as he met her he was jumping and sniffing and licking her. He cries for her when they are not near each other, but I'm only letting them be together a bit at a time. I want her checked out at the vet and she's also so small I'm afraid he'll hurt her. But he's very loving to her. He sniffs her butt every 2 seconds and when she walks away he turns her around so he can sniff it again. It's very cute. She's more or less indifferent to him, I think it's all very new for her. She's too busy exploring to care about her big brother, but he wants to play with her so bad! He barks at her and puts his bum up in the air and brought her his toys and she just ignored him. Little snob! I hope she warms to him, he cant' get enough of her. I was afraid he'd be jealous, but even when I try to pay attention to him he's like "Moo-oom, I wanna play with the baby, leave me alone." LOL.

Every now and again when she ignores him he'll bring me a toy as if to say "I don't need you, mom and I will play," and he looks at her over his shoulder while we're playing but he gives up and goes back to her fast. I think she'll be the boss in this relationship, which is funny cos he is sooooo bossy with other dogs.

Here is a pic of our little sweetie (girl #2 was the one we got), complete with her Marilyn Monroe beauty spot!!

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Is it safe to let Gambit and Daisy have supervised play so much? They really are bonding. I wonder because the breeder said it would be fine but our vet was like "don't let them near each other for a few days." The vet also said she wouldn't trust the breeder's vet or any of the records. I have booked a checkup for tomorrow, but I don't think it would be fair to keep them apart all this time. They'd both go nuts.

I think the vet is assuming Daisy will be diseased or something. I think she's just fine. She IS scooting her little butt though, so that might be something, but I didn't notice anything when she went potty.