May 28th, 2008

Two bostons

For those of you with two Bostons, how do they get along? I can't figure out if Daisy and Gambit like each other or not. most of the time, she'll have a toy and he'll try to take it and a bitey face fest will ensue, complete with barking (both of them, in a deep/squeaky harmony)or he will have a toy and she'll steal it and it begins again. They like to chase each other in circles, which is great, but it usually ends in bitey face and barking. She likes to nip hard and he gets cranky and knocks her down and then I have to rescue her. Is this normal? I know he plays bitey face with his "girlfriend", a boxer, but Daisy is so tiny I can't tell if he's playing with her or if they are fighting. There are the occasional growls although I reprimand each of them for growling at their sibling. She's very feisty and he'll get her to submit a thousand times but she's right back up there. I know bostons play rough but sometimes it seems like they are fighting. They never want to SHARE a toy, just fight over it. If I give one of them a new toy they don't want the old one anymore, and a new fight ensues. I know baby dogs don't have the sense yet to recognize the older dog's signals of disapproval but I'd like them to be friends. Am I overreacting>? How do YOUR dogs play? What happened when you introduced a second member of the family? Are they interacting too much? not enough? I don't want to come across as a worry wart but I want to know. :S