June 3rd, 2008

Ninja and Amelie in Richmond BC for the summer

So, like I said before, I took a job working with horses in Richmond BC for the summer. The dogs flew in cargo together in one kennel and although I was terrified to let them go it ended up being just fine. They arrived, 3 hours later, ALIVE, unharmed, happy and excited to see mommy. My cargo fears are over, thank you West Jet.
I have been taking Amelie and Ninja to work with me, at the barn, every day and they love it. They have their own stall and get to go on runs every hour or so in the big green field right by the barn. By the time they get home they are so tired no one can wake them up, it's adorable. It makes me so happy to see them so tuckered out.

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Remember this dress?

Well my wonderful friend Susan put it on layaway for me at Spank Clothing in BC. I went and tried it on over the weekend, and although it was VERY cute, I chose not to get it and got this hoodie instead. Thanks to the advice of my dear friend Kelsey. I figured I'd wear the hoodie alot more than the dress. I am very happy with my choice. It's probably the best hoodie I have ever had.
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Here is a cute pic of Ninja taken before I flew to BC. I guess he thought he wasn't coming so he figured he should hide in my suitcase. Little did he know he was coming. I think Amelie and Ninja love BC.
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hope you can view them all. slow computers BEWARE! Lots of pictures!

enjoy :)