June 6th, 2008


So it's been about two weeks and it's time we posted pictures of our Oopsie Daisy. She's starting to get along with Gambit although there is still a lot of bitey-face, there is also a lot of actual playing with the same toy without killing each other, and even LYING NEXT TO EACH OTHER WITHOUT ATTEMPTED MURDER OF THE SIBLING. So I consider it a huge success. Here are some shots of princess pouty-face - she ALWAYS looks sulky, except of course when making bitey-face.

(lots of pics for those with slow computers)

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And that's my baby girl!


Today I was literally 5 minutes too late of buying a beautiful 7 month, house trained, spayed, vaccinated, well behaved French bulldog/Boston terrier crossbreed.

For $100, possibly for less.

I am so mad I could kick myself.