June 17th, 2008

Urine Odor Eliminator

Hi all - I wasn't sure if I should ask this in this community, or hip_domestics, so I'll start here. As a foreward - please, please do not tell me that it's our fault she pees on the floor or how to fix it - we're aware of this and are working on this part desperately. What I do want advice on, is a way to clean the stain and odor from the carpet.

I don't have a ton of money - ripping out the carpet and pad and replacing it or putting down new floor is not an option.

I do own a carpet cleaner and have tried several combinations including the following (but of course not all in the same mix!) including: bleach, vinegar, laundry detergent, therapet lemon yellow disinfectant, resolve carpet cleaner, and both hot and cold water - hot seems to lift the stain better but cold seems to keep the smell at bay longer.

I have also tried baking soda and powder carpet refreshers. Nothing is seeming to work and I know it must have gotten into the subfloor, but I'm looking for anything I can do without having to re-floor the whole house. Any suggestions on products, methods, or other places to turn to would be a great help.

And please don't think I'm a horrible pet mommy - it's a long story as to why she has been peeing in the house but it is getting better and will continue to improve, and probably more quickly if I can get the smell out!
corset layingdwn

Ms. Lola & Maple Syrup updates.

So its been awhile so figured we needed to post an update and some new pictures.
Ms. Lola Mae just turned 2 on Tuesday the 10th.
They went to a "bikini contest" at Petsmart but no one else showed up so they gave us 2 $5 giftcards. Sweeeeet. But would have been fun to see the other dogs.

Semi long story below. BEWARE.
The girls are still in training and today we had a pretty scary incident. We have never had any problems before but today was definitely a problem. This session was Lola's turn to go(we switch off every week). So we go as usual, it was hot and Lola was tired, there was one dog (an Airedaile(spelling?)) that was known to be aggressive so he was occasionally muzzled but only when the dogs were free to socialize. Towards the end of class our trainer tells everyone to heel their dogs towards him(all of us being in a circle around him). We are then told to stop and down the dogs. Once we down the dogs he tells everyone to set down their leads, Lola is new to this and likes to army crawl in the grass so I kept my foot on her lead. Everyone was watching a pointer that is in the class because he saw birds and was doing his point and slow walk thing. Anyway..we are sitting there minding our own business, Lola enjoying the cold grass and a chance to lay down, when this akita that was down directly across from her decided to lunge for her. Luckily, she was able to flip on her back and stay under the akita so he was not able to really get to her but did step on her head and make her yelp. Upon hearing the growls and craziness, the airedale decides it should join as well and during this time I was able to pull Lola out from underneath the two dogs. The airedale got really lucky cause apparently when going for the neck, the akita caught its collar instead of skin. I of course was screaming and being a panicked mother, not caring if I got bit just needing to get my baby out while everyone was just in chaos and not really doing anything to stop the problem. My trainer tried to say that the akita wasn't trying to be mean to Lola but the airedale freaked and started a fight. WRONG. The akita was definitely trying to go for her because even when they put a muzzle on it, it tried to go for Lola and she yelped. Luckily, she was fine. No drool or blood or anything. I was luckily the only one to walk away from the fight bleeding because one of the dogs at some point managed to scratch the crap out of my foot(damaging part of my tatoo..of course). Lola and I grabbed our stuff and left. No one even apologized for not paying attention to their dogs, when my dog could have been severly injured. 15 lbs vs. probably close to 100+. Yeah right. Needless to say, I will not be going back and staying if both of those dogs are not muzzled the ENTIRE time and/or held on their lead the entire time no matter what. Get a long leash if you have to. They are safety risks. *venting :]

Now on to the fun stuff, Photos. :]

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