July 1st, 2008

The Dog Whisperer

First, please excuse how crappy this picture is.  I wanted to smash my camera when it ruined my one time photo op with Cesar Millan.  Just thought I would show any fellow Dog Whisperer fans who I got to meet this morning!  He even autographed a photo of Harley for me to take home to her.


This is for sure the very last time I'm going to post this. And I'm only going to post it because my mom keeps telling me it's not normal, it's not natural, it's wrong, it's bad, they are fighting, not playing...

Really, the snarls, the growls, the barks, the bites, the attempts to knock each other down, the jump attacks, the nips, the snaps, the chasing each other down - that's how bostons play?

Really? Cause they go at it even when there are toys around. Is this ok? All the snarls and biting and snorts and barks and grunts? My mom seems to think I'm supposed to pull them off each other every time they do that, but that would be 99% of their play time. And they do love to do it, they certainly always go after each other and they never cry out or bleed... although Gambit is chewed all to heck and is red all over his throat and paws.

Is this normal for bostons? Or do they hate each other? I'm trying to find videos of two bostons together on youtube but no such luck thus far.

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The best $3 I've ever spent. I highly recommend that you go to the store and grab one of these! (you can totally get them for less, but I didn't want a horrific walmart smiley face on mine)

aaand, here's my baby in full cupcake motif (notice even the collar!)

I can has cupcake? Pleeeassseee?