July 7th, 2008

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Hi all! I am so glad I found this group!
I have a boston named Maggie, she is definitely my pride and joy.

She will be a year old here soon and it seems like time goes by so fast!
here is a picture of her.

She is primarily black and white but she does have touches of brindle in there which did not show up until about 2 months ago. I was surprised and thought something might be wrong, turns out in the sun, she gets brindled.

I look forward to posting some more of her with little cameos of my other dog Jack who is a corgi/scottie mix.

thanks all!

Eating Habits

I have a 7-month old Boston who has recently developed a strange eating habit - he will only eat his food if it's on the floor (like, not in a bowl).  I noticed recently that he didn't seem to want to eat.  He would walk over to his bowl and sniff his food, but not eat.  If I put a piece down on the floor for him though, he would eat it.  So, after a few days of him not eating much, I just dumped his food on the floor and he immediately ate it all.  Has anyone else ever encountered something like this?  I don't think he's feeling sick - everything else about him is normal.  He's never been one to love food though - even when he had previously been eating out of his bowl, he typically wouldn't eat it right when I gave it to him.  Instead, sometimes he'd eat some of it right away and save the rest for a few hours later, and other times he would eat all of it a few hours later.  This is in striking contrast to my old Boston who would scarf everything down the second I gave it to him. 

I'm not really sure what changed in terms of him not wanting to eat out of his bowl.  I have had a hard time finding food that doesn't upset his stomach, and a few weeks ago we tried Science Diet, which has made his poop the best I've ever seen.  I was thinking maybe he just doesn't like this food that much?  But this is the 5th food we've tried him on and I'm VERY reluctant to change, if that's the case. 

Just as a side note, I tried putting his food on a plate instead of the bowl, but he still wouldn't eat it.  It had to be directly on the floor.  However, he has no problem drinking his water from a bowl.

So...do people think this is just a weird idosyncratic thing with him?   Maybe it's just a phase? Or might there be something more to it?


My boyfriend and I adopted Phineas from our local PAWS center here in Chicago.  He's about 1-year-old (we're not entirely sure as he was found as a stray) and definitely a handful.  We're not sure what his story was before he came to live with us, but he definitely isn't housetrained or really trained, for that matter.

We are definitely excited that we made this addition to our family; I don't think we could have found a better dog for the two of us.

I love Bostons!