July 14th, 2008



Monty's always the first "model" I tend to photograph when I get some new equipment.. he's so good at it and doesn't mind the camera(s) :-)


Do any of you use your BT's as models? :-)


my first screen printing of what else other than a BT?

So, I'm in between jobs now and since I'm home all day, I decided to tackle a quick and easy screenprinting project. I've never done anything of the sorts, but it was much easier than the real screenprinting stuff with the emulsion chemicals and all. But, it took 45 mins to make the stencil and after it was set, I had a stencil of a boston terrier!

I'm so thrilled with the way they came out!

My mom has requested a shirt so I'm off to make more :o) Yay for spreading BT love!
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