July 28th, 2008

boston terrier cute

Lulu totally played a part in this

Meet Lulu Belle's half sister!!!!

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I wasn't looking for a puppy at all... long story short I found Lulu's dad!!!! Then saw his puppies for sale with one girl left. After long discussion, research etc. we decided to add this little girl to our family!!!

She is from the same breeder as Rory, Charles, & Rhu!
She comes to us August 15th and we are so excited.

Now I need your help. We are totally stuck on a name for her. Which is weird because I knew Hogwarts and Lulu Belle's names instantly.

These are the names we are throwing around so far but are open to any so if you like any of these or can think of anything else please let me know!!

Emmy Lou
Poppy (Madame Poppy Pomfrey)
I like Apple but my boyfriend doesn't
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boston terrier cute


Protect your Boston Terrier.  This info was sent to me via a man who works in Petco. He sees alot of canines everyday and when a lady customer noticed his BT on his name tag, this was the story she told him.  

 I wanted to tell you about something extremely disturbing a customer told me today.  She felt it was her duty to tell me about this, and I feel like it's my duty to tell you (I'm notifying my four other Boston Terrier-owner friends of this as well).  The customer noticed my Boston's picture on my name tag and said that she had her Boston stolen from her front yard recently.  She let her dogs (2 Bostons & 2 Pugs) out to potty, and they were very well-trained & would never consider leaving their yard.  One of her Bostons was taking a long time to pick a spot, and she had a phone call and let the other dogs back in and left the remaining Boston outside for a second to finish his business.  She came right back outside, and he had vanished,  She knew he was probably stolen, but she put up signs all over her neighborhood, and was shocked by the response she got.
 Many people called her (several who lived on her block) that said their Bostons had been stolen as well and told her to report it to the police.  The police had a horrible conclusion.  First of all, it wasn't a random thing since nearly all the dogs recently stolen in the area were Bostons and not just any "purebred-looking" dog; this breed itself was being targeted.   Second, since most, if not all, these dogs were simply pets and were spayed or neutered, it was not likely they were taken by a puppy mill for breeding purposes.  Their fate was most likely far more horrible.
 It turns out that in illegal dog-fighting rings (which are very prevalent this area of the country), Boston Terriers are now considered the perfect "bait" for training Pit Bulls to fight, for three reasons: 
 1)  They look like small Pit Bulls, so young Pits in training will learn to go after dogs that have that similar shape and build while not getting harmed in the training process since the Boston is much smaller.
 2)  Bostons, unlike many other small breeds, have a lot of Bulldog characteristics and are thus willing fight back until death.  Therefore, unlike other "bait" dogs, they do more than simply stand there and let themselves get torn up and will better prepare the Pits for fighting--again, without posing too much danger of the "trainee" getting hurt since the much-smaller Boston doesn't stand a chance.
 3)  This is the perhaps the most stomach-churning.  Fighting dogs are trained to go for the neck and throat of the opponent, and  the white collar of the Boston allows a training dog's owner to more easily tell how much damage his charge is able to inflict.
 I thought you should be aware of this trend since Bostons are apparently being sought-after as bait dogs. Maybe you should also let other Boston owners and your puppies' buyers be aware of this--not to scare them, but because it's much better to be safe than sorry.

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Dog fighting/Biting

I haven't posted in a while; my summer has been very busy. I am going to post pictures of Daisy soon - she is getting SO big and she is getting to be quite brindle, she has little brown "pants" on her legs which are cute.

I know I had posted before about the play fighting. It still worries me. Gambit's neck and throat area as well as his lower lip are just covered in cuts and scabs from Daisy's little puppy teeth. I don't know what to do. They love chasing each other around the house but every 5-10 minutes erupts in snarls and bites and jumping on each other, usually because they can't share toys and only want what the other one is playing with. I seperate them or holler or give them a quick spritz of water and they seem fine - Gambit will then chase her around and they will "playfight" again. They don't seem to be trying to hurt each other but they play so rough! Daisy doesn't have a scratch on her, Gambit never actually bites her, but Daisy has just bitten the heck out of Gambit. I try to tell her no and sequester her away but this happens EVERY time they are together. Gambit doesn't yelp or cry, but I do worry that his neck is getting so cut and sore. It also looks like she's biting his feet as his toes are all red and sore.

Will she outgrow this? Gambit and his boxer friend bite and snap at each other all the time but they never actually close their teeth on each other's throats or anything like that. In the meantime, what do you reccomend to treat his poor little neck and mouth area? He looks like a toddler that fell in a gravel pit half the time...

Daisy and Gambit

I'm really really sorry; these pictures are quite big, I had no idea they would be so HUGE. I'm trying to figure out how to make 'em smaller, so they are behind the cut. Seriously. They're huge. I went back through ALL My ljs and I can't find how to make them smaller! :( I don't know why this batch is enormous, the rest usually aren't this big. Apologies!!! The last picture is a shot of what Daisy does to Gambit's neck, poor booger. :(

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