July 29th, 2008

boston terrier cute


We officially named her Clementine. Let me tell you why.
Clementine is adorable
There are so many cute nicknames you can call her: Clemmy, Clem, Clemmers, Clemington, Clemclam, Clemens.
Roger Clemens was a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox
Our puppy is Red
Our puppy is a Boston Terrier
Our puppy has gloves. (the white on her front arms we call gloves. Lulu had the same thing) Her gloves could also be socks... :)
Michael's favorite team is the Red Sox
Roger Clemens was a pitcher. My dad is a pitcher
Roger Clemens nickname was the "rocket." Bostons speed around like a rocket haha
We are getting Clementine from the breeder whose kennel name is Tammy's Boston Darlins
"Oh My Darling Clementine" is a famous folk song
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