October 8th, 2008

mac set

ok you guys:BT personality Meme

I had some fun w this this week.Post  a pic of your BT or BTS..along w a  note of what tv/movie character best suits their personailty/ies

ok ill go first.

The guy on the left (six) is a latin lover character-think Antonio Banderas.
The guy in the middle(Tony) is a Joe Pesci type.
The only girl (Dizzy) is like the wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter..  LMAO   I struggled w that last one like u wouldnt believe.tremendous depth of character w my little girl lol... OK now you guys go :) I cant wait to see!!
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Albus went back to the vet today to check his ear and get the bandages off.  Well they decided to rebandage it for 2 more days, but as you will see Albus had had enough.  While I was gone this evening he took the bandages off.  The paged vet seemed to think it would be ok but I will call back tomorrow to speak to his normal vet just to make sure.

So here are his stitches...and be thankful I'm showing you this side and not the inside.