October 16th, 2008


Daisy just went in the house. Again. 3rd time in 2 days. Pee and poo. It's like she doesn't even know she's doing it. She had a walk at 9:45. 11:30 BAM she is pooing in the guest room. She made no noise and no effort to even head to the hall to go downstairs. She just stopped and dropped where she was. I understand the poo, if she has a sick stomach. She ate some stuffing from a toy (which I then confiscated) and that has been coming out of her for a day or so, so I restricted her food and made sure she had no treats or no stringy toys to chew, so her tummy can recover. So I understand an emergency poo situation. But pee too? Not even 2 hours after her first walk? She is almost 7 months old. How can she not do this? She KNOWS the routine. She goes out every two hours. She can go to the front or back door to go out. We never restrict her access to those doors so she can let us know if she needs to go out sooner. She had her nighttime walk already. I don't know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it possible that she can't tell when she has to go until it's too late? Does she not have that little trigger that tells her it's time to pee and poo? Could there be an illness that makes her not realize it's time to go? With Gambit, we would very gradually stretch his time between outings until it was at 4 hours, which we found comfortable, and he was able to hold it. But with Daisy, she can't learn to hold it. She can't even try to hold it. She just goes when she has to go. In her bed, in our bed, while playing, at a friend's house, any time her bladder or bowels are full she just lets go wherever she is. If I don't take her out every hour and a half to two hours I can PROMISE she will go. She will NOT hold it, unless she's sleeping, and then when she wakes up she has to go out within 3 minutes or have an accident. My whole house stinks like cleaner, and it's a different spot each time, it's not like she has a preferred area that has a smell to it.

I'm doing something wrong. I know I am. But what???