October 29th, 2008

Boston Slobber


I can't believe this...

I took two screenshots... one at midnight and one at 12:01 just to show... we have a tie!!!!

I'm too tired to figure out what we should do... either let the voting continue for a day or let the owners decide... you tell me.  I am off to bed and will resume thinking tomorrow night after work!


(no subject)

does anybody else's Boston eat everything?

anything and everything does into my dog's mouth, he won't ALWAYS swallow it but he's gotta at least taste it!
I know the breeder who has his his dad, half brother and two others said the dad is the same way he'll "eat anything that doesn't eat him first"

Actually he's just very oral, he chews on non toy items too, he isn't horrible and generally not destructive but it's like he gets so excited and playful that he wants to get anything in his mouth. It's not like we didn't work with him as a puppy either, in most respects he's a very good dog...he just loves shoving things in his mouth! He's also loves to lick, he'll french kiss you if you don't watch out.
Frenchie & Churchill

Frenchie's Bee Costume!

I bought Frenchie a costume tonight at Target. He is kind of fat around the middle, but the head piece was too large for a snug fit around his ears... so it is a little lop-sided! Frenchie doesn't mind coats or dog clothes, but he doesn't care for hats or things around his ears. He's a cutie!