November 16th, 2008

  • nympha


We came in from Cole's run and his feet were filthy. I thought is was soo funny and had to take a picture of him immediately laying down in the tub to be cleaned. He's such a character sometimes. Free Image Hosting at

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  • stageii

Deaf Bostie info?

Today in my local dollar store, the woman at the checkout was talking about her deaf Boston pup, female, obtained at the age of 6 weeks(!!!).  She was getting frustrated at the lack of trainability - she didn't know it was deaf when it was given to her by her daughter.  Another lady, who deals with dalmations, gave her a web address with deaf-pup info, and I was giving general training advice along with.

Mygod, I feel so sorry for the pup.  I don't think this woman has the time or patience to deal with this situation, and I want the dog to have every positive input an opportunity available.  I can't take this responsibility on -  I live alone, and have gone back to school full-time for a med-lab tech degree (= hours of grueling schoolwork/studying).  My guys are in their 10's, and we get along well. I guess what I am looking for is more info to pass onto this lady before said pup winds up at the pound, and my guilt goes into overdrive. 

I live in a really small, rural town without a lot of resources.   Since this woman is a checkout person at the dollar store, I'm guessing her resources are limited also. 

What can I offer her?  Thanks in advance, to all you Boston lovers.