December 5th, 2008

AT3- My Little Nightmare

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This is just a cute small thing I saw,
Well I am really into a band called Alkaline Trio, and today, I found some photos of the band on Last.FM, witch leads me into this,


At first, I was, OMG MATT SKIBA HAS A BOSTON ON HIS SHIRT! then it hit me that I have the same shirt, but the girl's one.

I know its just a small thing, and he may not know what the breed of the dog and so on, but I thought it was cool to show to other Boston lovers.

I may do a post one about other people in bands that have Bostons, I know one (I think two) bands that I am into have one. Off the top of my head, I know that the Pat a guy that works closely with the band Simple Plan has one, also used the dog as a model in a line of shirts that he has, (Just now I went to look for the photos at his site, and they are not there... but here is a link in case I missed them )
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Mia on petcharts?

This morning I got a comment on the "Fear of Fire" video I posted here the other day. (I'll repost it at the bottom) that it had been chosen by Purina for their Pet charts page, it's one of the five videos they chose for today. If your bored you could go vote for our little baby so she wins :) She was winning earlier and hopefully she will keep winning, I don't even think there's a prize it just made me excited that she was picked for some arbitrary thing. Anyways, (videos are at the bottom on the left)