January 18th, 2009

Boston's Rule

Saying HELLO!!!

Hey Guys!  You know what?!!!  
I just realized that we have so many new people here that we should all introduce ourselves and the Boston babies that own us!!!  So... I'll go first...

We are Dawn & Ronnie, owned by Lilo & Stitch.
We have three human children and a hamster.
We live a few miles out of Dallas Texas.  
Lilo's nickname is Weeder and Stitch's is Poodle.  
They love biscuits, in fact, we have to call them "the B word" because they go crazy when they hear us say the word!  Stitch is crazy... he likes to walk around with a rawhide knot in his mouth, makes him look like a Cootie bug.  Lilo is a little mother and is the clingy but thoughtful one. :)

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