January 19th, 2009

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I thought I'd join in the fun of introducing.

I am Karol Ann and my fur baby is Molly Mae. 
Molly will be 1 year old on Feb 9th.  I can't believe she's almost a year!!!
We got her at 5 weeks, so needless to say, she's spoiled absolutely ROTTEN!
Molly is our only pet right now (aside from 3 fish), but my parents have 2 english bulldogs that Molly LOVES to play with (she also thinks she's the same size as them!).  We live in Alabama. 
There is NOTHING this dog doesn't eat!  She licked up pickle juice!  Once, she accidently ate a pill and we had to give her peroxide to throw up, she drank it up like water!!
She LOVES all kinds of toys, especially squeeky ones, it's like her mission to kill the squeeker. 
She loves to sunbathe and give kisses! 
She abosolutely LOVES running in a yard...we're currently in an apartment so she doesn't get to do this much, but, we just signed a contract on a house to be built and she'll have a good sized fenced in yard all of her own.
My husband and I are convinced that our childhood pets (my english bulldog, his cocker spaniel) went to doggy heaven and had a love child and it is Molly. 
I don't know if anyone else's does this, but her favorite place to sleep is under the covers in the bed.  She will NOT sleep unless she's covered up.  Even on the couch, she wants to be covered.  I honestly don't know how we lived before we got her!!

I am still fairly new to the community.  Can't wait to see all of your babies!!!Collapse )

introductory doo dad

I don't post much anymore, but i do leave comments fairly often. Mostly to say "nuh uh you ain't seen nothing" when people post about their giant 25 lb BT. :0) Schuyler was a beautiful healthy 35 lbs and constantly being confused for a mostly grown pitbull pup.

Schuyler Kings Ransom (aka Sky King, pup-pup or Sky puppy) took his walk across the Rainbow Bridge Sept of '07. And i still miss him so much it hurts to breathe. It gets easier, watching everyone with their new babies.
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I'm Nancie and my Boston is Banjo (Mr. January on your calendars). We live in Atlanta with my husband, German Shepherd and cat. Our cat, Lily, is Banjo's best friend but he lives for playing with all his friends at the dog park. Banjo will be 1.5 in March and is 17.5 pounds so I think he might be a bit of a runt. He's hyper when he's awake but fortunately has been a solid sleeper since day 1.

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Tiny Dog

What do you do when a dog won't eat?

Since my husband lost his job, Daisy hasn't had to be cooped up in her crate all day, because if she is in there and she knows someone is home she will rock violently back and forth until she hurts herself. :(

So she gets to hang out with her daddy and her furry brother Gambit all day long.

When she was crated, feeding was easier. She'd have her kibbles in her crate, he'd have his in his room, and they'd eat. Now that she isn't in her crate, I am having trouble feeding them. Initially we put the food in a big bowl and let them share but Gambit seemed to be eating the bulk of it, so we seperated them pretty soon. But now feeding is tough.

With her kibbles in her crate, I guess she could pick and choose all day when she wanted to eat until she was full. Now, I can't just leave kibbles around because Gambit (aka mr. piggy) will eat them all up. But if I put her in her crate for a half hour to an hour in the morning while I get ready for work, she won't eat, she just howls to be let out because she knows my husband is home.

Dinnertime is hard, too. She used to sit pretty in her crate and have dinner, but now she wants to be with Gambit all the time. As a result, she hardly eats. She's pretty thin - not scrawny, she's got puppy fat and turkey thighs - and she goes to the bathroom ok and her energy level is fine - but she is definately thin, about 14-15 pounds, which is 10 pounds less than Gambit, though she is equally as tall. I worry that she's being malnourished. I hate to resort to putting a reward in her food like a dab of puppy gravy or some cheese but she won't stick to a feeding schedule. I know she should really stick to her crate routine, but when she knows someone is home she gets so violently unhappy she has really hurt herself rocking that crate side to side and screaming like a demon. If she hears us both leave, though, she'll quiet right down and doze (we watched her on webcam for a while). So I'm kind of in a catch 22. she'll only eat sensibly when she's got time to free range in her crate, but she cant' spend all day in her crate right now.

Any tips?
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Hi Everyone! Im Dy and this is Cole, we live in England now with my bf (aka Cole's daddy). This is the most recent pic I have if him. If anyone has the 2009 calendar he is June. He is a mostly black Boson with a small patch on the back of his neck and his underbelly is white. He is also pretty small for his breed weighing @20 lbs having a small frame. Enjoy!!!


hopping on the introduction wagon!

We have only been Bostie owners for a glorious four months!
it gets better & better everyday.
Wednesday is six months going on seven! & she just got spayed! eep.
She shares the house with Josh & myself, three cats (nyla, big boy & little bit), two other dogs (Kodie, an 80 some pound alaskan malamute/german shepherd mix) & our roomates dog Han (a poodle/bishon frise mix) & her tarantula & snake which everyone enjoys staring at for long periods of time.
We reside in Richmond Virginia & often take great hiking trips to the blue ridge or day trips to the Virginia coast!
It's a great place to be a dog owner!

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Ruby on Long Island

Doggie love Doggie love

Hey -- I'm Jessica and Ruby is my wonderful, loving Boston. She'll be six years old in March. I adopted her at a year and a half from an older couple who couldn't keep her anymore.
She is perfectly content hanging out with us, riding in the car, shaking her toys, playing tug of war, and visiting with my in-laws three boston terriers.

I haven't been huge on the posting lately, but I do love it when you all post your pictures! Keep it up!
Boo talk to the paw

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Hi. I rarely post but I wanted to say hi during this re-introduction period. I have one Boston Terrier who is named 'Mayday' Malone aka Boo-boo. He got his nickname from the movie Monsters Inc. (the cute little girl is called Boo by Sully) His real name came from Sam Malone on Cheers who was called Mayday during his run as a baseball player. Malone is going on 7 yrs old. He's my baby and the best dog I've ever had. I was not a boston fan from the start. My ex husband loved them and begged for one. When we bought Malone I said -'Get that one, he's the least ugly one of the two' LOL On the way home, he slept on my chest and after that - he was my dog. My ex was so mad that 'his' dog was MY dog LOL Malone growls if someone takes him off my lap or off my bed. He cannot stand to be taken away from me. He's really silly about his attachment to his security blanket too. My mom who swore no more dogs has now reconsidered because she wants a dog like mine. =0) I'm trying to get in touch with his breeder or get a rescue puppy for her.

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