January 21st, 2009

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Re-Intro and Questions

My name is Tiffany, I just joined this group a couple of weeks ago. We just got our very first Boston, Hurley, and are totally smitten. My husband and I live in Idaho with our other pet, a rabbit named Waffles. I grew up on a farm where we raised Appaloosa show horses and Rottweilers, but this is my first experience with a house dog. Definitely a learning curve, but things are getting better!! :)

So, my first question - while puttering around Petsmart the other day, my husband was told by one of the associates there that Bostons are one of the harder breeds to potty train. Any truth to that? I mean, we haven't had it easy, but it is getting a lot better. I just didn't put much stock into that statement, what has been everyone else's experience?

Question number 2 - What is a good treat for puppies? I want to give him something special for a reward when he does good things, but I want something that won't upset his stomach or anything. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much, I'm so excited to be a part of this community!
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yet another re-intro...

Hi! I've been on the board for like, 4 years now?! Craaaaazy. Anyway, I'm Anna and this is Geech, the little dude who basically controls my life:

He's 4 years old and a whopping 28 pounds! I assure you that it's pure muscle...

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doctor who: amy srs

another re-introduction!

I figured I'd hop on the bandwagon and introduce myself as well. My name is Madalyn and I'm the proud doggy momma of Capella. My husband is in the air force and we're currently stationed on the gulf coast of Florida. Capella loves causing mischief, socializing out in town, and playing with her 'boyfriend' (a chihuahua named Moose). She will be turning two in June. Also, I'm expecting a baby boy in May so she's a soon to be big sister. I'm just wondering how many baby toys are going to get stolen and slobbered on...

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VA/Meet VA

Meet Virginia! (Jumping on the re-introduction bandwagon...)

What a great idea! Now I need to go back and leave comments on all of these great posts about your beautiful Boston babies.

I'm Amy, and my husband and I are owned by Virginia, who turned seven years old earlier this month. Her full name is The Shire's Virginia Lórien, because she shares a birthday with the father of Middle-earth himself, J.R.R. Tolkien. We live in the foothills of North Carolina, where Virginia is the proud winner of Lenoir-Rhyne University's "Cutest Pet" Contest. (Of course a Boston had to win!)

Virginia's favorite things are taking long walks by the lake every morning (especially if she gets to pester bunnies or wild turkeys), napping, playing with her Kong, napping, sunning herself, and napping. She's trained to use dog litter, and she really likes this, especially when it's especially hot or cold outside. Her "turn ons" include apples, peanut butter, and cheese -- but then again, she never met a treat she didn't like.

Here is a photo I took of her earlier this month:


On to more pictures of Virginia!