January 23rd, 2009

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i guess this would be a good time to introduce the newest member of my family...


his name is Devo and i found him on craigslist. i wasn't really looking to get a puppy, but i happened to be on CL at the right time (3am, and the ad had JUST been posted) and i couldn't resist the little dude. a guy got him as a christmas present from his girlfriend or something, but his landlord does not allow dogs and found out about him, so now he's mine :) i was afraid he might be deaf because of his white face and ears (and i thought that might be the real reason why the guy was getting rid of him) but he can definitely hear with at least one of his ears. he is currently 12 weeks old and is a food obsessed little monster, so i'm hoping that he'll be easy to train.

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Haven't posted in years (my cuts never work lol) but I figured now would be a good time to reintroduce my self and my babies.
I'm Sheri and I have two Bostons and a Frenchie. My daughter Genevieve is mom to Hogwarts and Clementine.
Tinkerbell is my first Boston and of course I fell in love with her and the breed. Tink will be 14 this year and other then her eyes she's
doing well. She's going blind, it's sad..I hate seeing her run into anything.
Rebel is 7...he's a very sensitive Boston..lol
Slugger is my French bulldog, he's 14 months old and a hand full. He attacks and fights Rebel. During one attack I got bitten very
bad on my arm....I got a trainer after that, which helped but didn't solve the problem at all. (any suggestions?) Slugger never attacks Tinkerbell, she can bite him, scold him, take his toys or food. Rebel can just walk by and if Slugger's in the mood he attacks.
Here are some pics of them

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Hello everyone!

My name is Alexandra - I live in northern New Jersey and own Tuffy - my 13 year old, 32 pound brindle Boston Terrier.

My parents bought Tuffy for me on New Year's Eve (or maybe it was the 30th?) when I was in the 7th grade from a mall pet store (yikes!!!!!) I had been to the mall a few days prior with my best friend and her mother and fell in love with him. I had to have that particular dog - something in his face, personality, etc - I just knew he was for me and we have been inseparable ever since.

Tuffy is 'cousins' with Molly and Bob - the chocolate twins that my sister posted about earlier. My parents also have Charley and Rory.

So, hello everyone!!
Rory in Flowers

Reintroducing Rory and Charles

I'm Ellen, Alyson and Alexandra's mother. I've had Bostons all my life, and the girls have always had at least one Boston in their lives.

We have Tuffy, 13 1/2 and the crochety old man. He likes to sit on the top of the couch and look out the window and nap. He doesn't want to bother with the younger ones. Alex has posted his picture below.

Rory is almost 4, and a real lady. She loves to have her coat put on, and will lift one paw after the other to help. When she is tired, she will suck on a stuffed animal or blanket to put herself to sleep. At night, she sleeps under the covers. Her favorite toys are stuffed animals and chew bones, and, at almost 4, has now decided she wants to learn how to fetch a ball.

Charles, at 1, is the pesky younger brother. His interest is mainly in electronics, and he can unplug any plug and untie any rope or wire. My husband keeps trying to outwit him to keep our equipment safe, but so far, Charles is winning. Today he untied the fence my husband put around the computer desk with wire. Yesterday, he took a small portable tv outside in the snow so that he could watch tv while pooping. The other week he took off his Puppia and hid it outside, and hid my husband's wallet under the sofa. You get the picture.

Rory and Charles are brother and sister, and relatives of Genevieve's Clementine. Rory is her aunt, actually, and they look a lot alike, right down to the big brown dots on their stomachs.

Charles (Check those green eyes!)