February 2nd, 2009

  • it_came

Are they THAT attached???

Sooo....I was going to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and Ziggy's head pokes in.

LOL, why is it that they feel a need to follow you to the bathroom??? I know they don't know that it's a bathroom, but it's so funny to me that no matter what my two Bostons are doing, they will stop and follow me into the bathroom.

It's hilarious when my male Boston, Chief, pokes his head into the bathroom when my hubby showers...yet Ziggy doesn't even move when it's my hubby going.

I had another female dog when growing up and she would do the same thing. Follow me into the bathroom and sit on the carpet waiting for me until I finished.

RANDOM post I know...I just found this amusing and wondered if your dogs do it too?

EDIT: It's been great reading all your comments! I'm starting to think it's a pack animal thing, lol. I'm 15 weeks pregnant and whenever I'm head first in the toilet, I've got two furry heads doing that cute confused head tilt thing right next to me. It's always good for a laugh after such a horrible moment.