February 5th, 2009

  • nympha

dogs tummy

My dogs tummy today is making huge gushing/gurgling noises. Has anyone elses dog's tummy made these noises? His has in the past when he didn't feel well because he ate something off the street but he has not eaten anything out of the ordinary lately. He also spit up a bit yesterday.

Licky bosties

K, NEVER giving Deedee a bath again! She tried to drink the whole bath, she looked like a lil black and white blimp!

Looks like I've found another "licky boston". Sam is ok, but Deedee is turning out like Beasties, compulsive licking, lick the blankets, me, her feet, toys, sam, anything really. Which means she's got anxiety (as evidenced by the SCREAMING if I leave her for one second, plus the colitis she has if she is "stressed")

Does anyone else's bosty have "lickitis"?