February 7th, 2009

connor oberst

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Why hello!
I have a question, maybe some of you could help me with an answer.

I don't understand what my Boston is doing.

Dexter is about 5.5 months old... potty training has been a huge challenge. First he had a bladder infection, we got that cleared up and he was making tremendous strides. Lately he's been doing some things that usually ruin the start of my day.

Almost every morning without fail he pees and poops all over his crate. Now at this point he should be able to hold his bladder at least 6 hours. Right before bed he always gets to go out and do his business. He often won't go when he's out- it's really frustrating It's almost like a power struggle- I ::want:: to pee and poop in my crate ma!

What I don't understand is when my girlfriend and I are at work and he's crated all day he DOESN'T mess his crate. I worry all day that I'll come home to the same mess we have every day in the morning. 9 out of 10 days he doesn't mess his crate during the day. When we come home at night I take him out, praise him till the cows come home, hug him, love him, and let him know what an awesome job he did.

His behavior baffles me and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for my tough lil guy. I love him so much and I can't figure out why he would do it. The only idea I had is he is trying to get into bed with us. But I never let him come and cuddle with me after he decides to pee all over himself. You know, well I have to let you out to clean, I'm not gonna put you back in, I'm going to just let you in bed. NOT!


thank you :)