February 16th, 2009

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Breeders in the Greater Toronto Area

I hope this post is acceptable (this is the first post that I have made here). I don't have a boston terrier but I must admit I have been lurking here for some time now and I admire all of your bostons!

I am currently looking into breeders in the Greater Toronto Area and I was wondering if anyone here can recommend any breeders in the GTA??

The following are some that I have been looking into - Beddford Bostons, A. A & T Bostons, Hornerbrook, Sassy Kennels.

If you can share any opinions about these breeders or can recommend any others that would be greatly appreciated!!


Any Advice on adding a second dog??

We are planning on getting a boy for our girl bosty and i'm freaking out! lol She is um... Queen of the house. She admittedly is not well socialized and we've tried bringing another dog in the house before and she gets nasty. Tearing things up and peeing on things. She also is pretty anxious when people come over, dogs walk by the house, etc. Do you think we should just forget the whole 2nd dog thing or do you think we should do it. We found an 11 month old boy who isn't neutered (we would get him neutered) and i'm afraid he'll try and hump her and she will try to kill him. Any advice or suggestions??
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