February 26th, 2009

Here's Rosie!

I've been looking around this community for a while, and I've decided to put pic of my boston, Rosie! She was 13 years old (and I had her since she was 3 or 4 months old).We had to put her to sleep last april and I really loved her.

Here's a pic (Actually, one of her last)

She gradually became blind over the year, but was still able to run around the house and chase the cat.

 (In this one, she's younger and had just eaten her christmas gift in 5 minutes. She was.. hum recovering!)

I know that if I ever get another dog, I'll get a Boston, because they can be excited, unstoppable and diabolical, but they can be so cuddly, adorable and protective. (every time my brother was pushing me aroud (for fun) she would come at him and bark, she even bit him once or twice!
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a couple of grooming questions...

how often should a bostons ears be cleaned?
and how do you do it?

should i brush her teeth everyday? i have tried a couple of times, but it's horrible, she loves the toothpaste and keeps licking and the brush wont go into her mouth on the sides etc.
any tips?

and last....how often does everyone brush the coat?
she sheds like CRAZY!