February 27th, 2009

New Puppy On the Way!

 Hello All!  I am really excited because we finally found a boston terrier puppy that we liked, was healthy, and could afford.   The little guy is only three weeks old right now so we won't be bringing him home for a little over a month.  So, I am hoping to take these next few weeks to learn as much as I can about the right care and everything.  Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should do before and/or when we bring the little guy home?

Our main focuses right now are:

-Picking the right food, feeding times
-Potty Trainning
-Helping the dog transition comfortably: ie, sleeping arrangments, time away from the pup, bonding with our two year old, etc.
-startup supplies

But all info is certainly welcomed! TIA
connor oberst

Energy level?

This seems sort of silly but I figured I'd see if anyone else has this with their Boston.
Part of the reason I love Boston's is their energy. I love pups I can play, and be rough with. My little guy and I play quite a bit, but he also lounges SO much. More then any other Boston I've ever encountered. At first I thought he might be sick- but back from the vet I got a clean bill of health- He's completely recovered from his bladder infection.
Is it just possible I have the world's only not hyper Boston Terrier? All he seems to want to do outside of his daily walks in the park is curl up on my lap. Sometimes he gets bursts of energy where he chases the cat, but it never lasts very long at all.

... since text only posts aren't as fun!
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Deedee is doing well, her tummy is better, the loose stools seem to be easing off. She comes to work with me twice a week (I work as an activities person for seniors who are cognitively impaired) and is very well behaved (I know, SHOCK!!), here are some pictures of her Valentines presents from my Mum, (from petsmart)


Sam, being a gay boston, can't resist good fashion