March 27th, 2009

boston terriers, epilepsy

Hi, I just posted and joined this community for the first time the other day. I was hoping everyone could maybe give me some input on some upsetting news I got on my boston terrier, Dino yesterday. Dino had a seizure about a month and a half ago.....he had just had his vaccinations and check-up from the vet that same week. I called the vet and he said that he thought that he definitely had epilepsy, because the only other things that could cause seizures were cancer and liver disease, and that since Dino is only 21/2 he is too young to have those problems. My husband and I were unwilling to accept this, so we researched it extensively online....we learned that all of the yearly vaccinations they give them can build-up in their system and cause seizures, that low blood sugar can cause seizures and so can vitamin deficiency. So we changed Dino's dog food to a more high-end brand, we started putting a little maple syrup on his dog food in case he had low blood sugar and started giving him b12 vitamins. For the past month and a half he has been completely seizure free and we had thought that maybe we had "cured" him. Well 2 days ago he had another seizure. I took him back to the vet who did nothing but give him a basic physical exam and told me that he looked extremely healthy and that he thinks that it must be epilepsy causing the seizures. I asked him if we could do blood work to confirm it and he said it was not necessary because the blood work would only rule out cancer, liver disease and toxins..which he didn't think that Dino had since he was so healthy. He told us that there is absolutely nothing that we can do, just to keep track of how often he has seizures and he wouldn't recommend medication unless he starts getting seizures more than 3 times a week. It's so scary and stressful to se e my dog suffer and have seizures.

Has any of your boston terriers ever had seizures? Does anyone have any experience with dogs and epilepsy? I really, really appreciate your input. I also apologize that this post was so very long. To lighten things up I included a picture of Dino in his halloween costume last year.

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Yesterday my 17 lb, 5 1/2 year old Boston was attacked by 3 of my dad's pit bulls. He miraculously survived the attack. He had 3 very deep lacerations and plenty of puncture wounds so now he's got a ton of stitches and 4 drains which thankfully will be able to come out within a week or two. If my brother and I had not been in the backyard at the time he surely would've died. We are still not sure how they got into the backyard, we know well enough to keep them seperated at all times.

He's a tough little guy and I'm hoping his recovery will be quick but please keep him in your thoughts. I am not leaving his side!