April 13th, 2009

dog food

mia will be one soon and we wanted to ween her off puppy food.
we feed her pedigree puppy, i want to know what you guys feed your bostons and if they like it.

my boyfriend and i think she doesnt love her food that much, and she mostly always picks out the square pieces and leaves the rounds ones.

any suggestions on dog food?

kiddie pools?

Does anyone else have a kiddie pool for their boston? If so, what do they do in it? Just stand in it? Splash around? Lay and relax?

When Coco was a puppy, she used to ALWAYS splash in the water bowl and get water EVERYWHERE! And since it's already 80*f in Texas, I figured a kiddie pool would be PERFECT for her to splash in since I dont think the other 2 dogs appreciate having their water bowl emptied. So, I got one and filled it up--the other dogs seem uninterested and just seem to drink from it. Coco just STANDS in it--and gets out...lol. Hopefully, she has more fun with it as the days pass.

coco likes the kiddie pool!
She was actually yawning, but I like to think that it is her with a great big smile!
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