April 15th, 2009

Lake George Craziness

Macy 2000-2009

After writing my last entry about seizures in Boston's, I went back downstairs to be with her while my parents were sleeping. At about 2AM she started having another one, and from the time between then and about an hour ago (9AM) she had a series of multiple seizures. If added together, probably totaled around the 15 mark or so. She would have a bad one, and then two smaller ones, and then another bad one. This went on till we took back to the vet once they opened, at 9. They brought us immediately in, and told us that it does not look good. For a small dog like that to have so many dramatizing seizures in such a short amount of time, does awful things to their brain, heart, and other organs. She's been going to this vet since she was a puppy, so we know and trust their judgement. It was extremely hard. EXTREMELY hard. But we had to do the humane thing. Poor little Macy went to sleep at 9:30am this morning.

She will be missed very much. I can't think about trying to figure out how to put pictures up of her right now but I will soon.

I think I'm still in shock.

She was only 9 years old.
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So Peaches (my Frenchie) bit into a clove of garlic yesterday.
I know in large amounts it's toxic and I've since moved it to a place she can't get into. She learned to open the cabinets to get to it!!
But anyway, now I'm stuck with my sweet lovable puppy who has GARLIC BREATH that stinks to high heaven!!

She's eaten, drank, and I've given her a million cookies... and still.... GARLIC.
Plus, when she burps.. omg.... it's horrrrrrrible!!!!

How can I fix my puppy?

Also, some of you wanted Porkchop (the English Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix) pictures... so here ya go!!! He looks more like the English, but definitely has a lot of Boston traits. He jumps... HIGH. His energy is through the roof. His legs are most Boston and his facial mask is more Boston.  He's a hoot :)

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