May 7th, 2009


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Hello everyone!

I decided to strike out and find a Boston Terrier community because yesterday, I literally had my new little girl dropped in my lap. My family had found her the night before as a stray and had posted  notices with the pound and local shelters. Her owners came over last night, over joyed to have found her and left only to bring her back forty-five minutes later, papers and vaccination records in tow. They told us the reason the dog had gotten loose in the first place is because they're overwhelmed  - He works three jobs, she works two, they have three kids under 12 including a 3 year old who learned how to open doors and let her out in the first place, and three dogs. They had planned on selling Darcy - or Jackie as they called her - because they couldn't juggle it all, but they'd seen how much we cared about her and she got along well my big boy - Beloved, a Cur/Pit mix - so they handed her over completely free. I had neve been so proud of someone in my life, because it was obviously hard on them to let her go, but they were right. I can only hope we live up to their expectations.

However, that means I've now found myself the inexpected owner of a year and a half old purebreed Boston Terrier and I'll probably be needing all the help I can get along the way. She's absolutely huge for a BT - 18 inches and 26lbs, with some filling out still to go - and so long-legged if I didn't have the paperwork I'd swear she was a mix.

I'll post pictures of her as soon as I unearth my camera.