May 14th, 2009


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buddy is sick. it's off and on and has been going on for about a month. he refuses to eat. last night he plopped down in my bed and didn't move all night. not even to get up and go out when i let the other dogs out at 4am and not when my boyfriend got up this morning. then he wouldn't eat again this morning. he was very lethargic. i put his food in his crate with him before i left in hopes that he would chow while i was at work but his bowl is still full :( but he is playing with the others, just not eating. his food hasn't changed. nothing has changed at all. i called and made him a vet appt. for monday, they want a poop sample and to take some blood.

anyone else ever have a pup with problems like these? i'm a worried mum.

nervous rash?

My husband and I boarded our dogs for three days at a new vet. We picked them up today and I noticed Leo has a red rash on his muzzle. Its very raw and red and he keeps licking it. I've been trying to put hydrocortisone lotion on it but he'll lick it off. Does anyone have any suggestions to help either the rash go away or to stop nervous licking?

here is my poor baby btw