August 25th, 2009

More barf!

Last night was Daisy's first night completely off the Gastro, the wet food given her by the vet for her tummy. It was also the first night she didn't have to take medicine anymore. It was exciting. We did the "all-better" dance. As per the vet's instructions, we have been slowly introducing her kibbles back into her diet for the past 3 days, mixing in about a quarter cup, then a half cup, with her wet food, until last night it was all dry and no wet. She ate and went to the bathroom fine, and we were thrilled to have her back to normal, then suddenly, she vomited at about 3 in the morning and again this morning around 8. Not a lot, but she sicked up ALL her supper. I'm bewildered. Should I call the vet? Or is this just her adjusting to a dry diet? We wet the kibbles so they wouldn't be totally dry. I am going to give her less kibbles today and some soft cooked chicken breast, maybe that will help her belly. Other than that, I'm stumped. Will she need her special food for life?