September 21st, 2009

Frenchie & Churchill

Churchill is going to be 9 months old tomorrow!

Churchill is getting to be a big boy now. He weighs 38 lbs. and he will be 9 months old tomorrow. He has turned into a very sweet boy. He hardly has accidents in the house and goes straight to his crate to sleep. He is a cutie, but I wish his ears stood up straight, like other Boston's. Frenchie's ears do not stand up either, so I guess they are a perfect match. Here are some pictures....

k and j
  • kam0520


At what age did your boston start being able to jump up onto things? 

Molly, our oldest could jump on the bed and couch by the time she was about 3 month.

Petey, our 5 month old doesn't even attempt to jump up onto the furniture.  He can sleep in the bed all night with no accidents, but he can't get ON TO the bed.  He was/is VERY slow at potty training, although he's gotten MUCH better, but, he just doesn't seem to catch on as quickly as molly did.  

Thanks in advance!