January 5th, 2010

Lisa Kitty

knee problems?

Sadie's limping on and off. It's her back leg on the right side. Do anyone of you have experience with your dogs and problems like this at all? I read about something called luxating patella and they say it's common in Bostons. Any feedback or advice would be welcome.

(no subject)

I love how when it's cold outside, everybody crowds around the space heater. :P

Penelope has gotten so big! She had a vet visit today because of these weird spots on her skin, which the vet told me were some sort of bacterial infection of the hair follicles? I'm not even sure how that happens, but she's on antibiotics and they gave me special shampoo for her. But holy cow she weighs 16.4lbs! Last time I weighed her she was only 5lbs. My baby is growing up too fast! :c