March 17th, 2010


Help Ozzie the Boston!

Poor little Ozzie the Boston terrier was viciously attacked by a Pitbull being walked past his yard on February 25th. Although the attack lasted 3 minutes, the damage is extensive. Ozzie has had to go through several surgeries, and Ozzie's owner Paige needs assistance paying for his medical bills.

The local news covered the story here:

Paige has created a facebook page to help spread awareness of Ozzie's needs:!/pages/Help-Ozzie-the-Boston-Terrier/411377662785?v=info&ref=mf

I'm sure any dog owner would be devastated if this were to happen to their beloved pup...Please donate if you can. After seeing the photos of Ozzie's injuries, I couldn't NOT do anything. I have donated and I'm hoping to donate more since I can't even fathom how much this is costing Paige (monetarily, physically, and emotionally).

Again, PLEASE donate if you can and spread this on to other people to help. What goes around comes around!! Here's the chipin page where you can securely
donate via paypal:

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I'm updating right now because I am so jealous of my boyfriend so this is my only outlet!!

this is my little marty mcfly (originally named buford tannen, but we've had a last minute *permanent* change!). today he is officially 8 weeks old and my boyfriend is currently in the car with him bringing him home and keeps sending me texts and i'm so jealous :( he won't be home for another 5 hours. i can't wait to kiss his little face!

please note that picture is not of my boyfriend! he's driving, that picture is of his friend who went along to hold marty for the drive :) but we also sent a carrier along just in case!